Athletics at SCS – Winter 2021

Andrew HarrelAthletic News

As many of you know, a large part of the community at Stillwater revolves around athletics. Seventy-five percent of the high school student body participates in our athletic program. Athletics are often taken for granted, but during the challenges of Covid-19, Stillwater athletes have come to realize just how fortunate they are to have any sports at all this year. With many schools across the country having to postpone events, add extra restrictions to athletics, or even cancel seasons altogether, SCS athletes have been truly blessed to have full seasons of play, even seasons that began on time.

Covid or not, I’m so thankful that the emphasis at Stillwater is never on the games or winning, but rather the rich relationships that are built with one another in a Christ-centered environment. Despite the many changes this year (masks, social distancing, new coaches, schedule changes, etc.), our coaches have made sure that we are supported in every aspect of our lives. They care more about us as individuals than they do about the game itself. The impact they have on us is life changing, and the lifetime friendships built with teammates is priceless. Stillwater’s athletic program has not only brought amazing mentors and long lasting friendships into my life, but it’s helped mold me into the person I am today and made me realize how truly blessed I am to have such opportunities. I wouldn’t trade my experience with Stillwater athletics for anything, and I’ll forever be thankful for the impact that it has had on my life.

Article written by Madison Morken, High School Senior