•  Mr Hembroff

    Welcome to Mr. Hembroff’s School Webpage.

    Mr. Hembroff is a Science and Math teacher who loves to discover how God’s Creation works. He is also a retired Air Force officer with 28 years of service. Mr. Hembroff has 6 years experience teaching in the High School classroom. He has also taught undergraduate and graduate college courses for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Allan Hancock College.  Mr. Hembroff is Montana State licensed to teach Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.  Mr. Hembroff holds undergraduate degrees in Physics (chemistry minor) and Meteorology, and graduate degrees in Space Physics and Education.

    Mr. Hembroff also serves as Stillwater Christian School's College Counselor. Click here for more information. 

    David W. Hembroff

    Email:  dhembroff@scscougars.org

    Phone: (406) 755-4400 ext. 108 (room)

                (406) 260-3192 (cell)