• Application Process for Variable Tuition

    Stillwater Christian School has partnered with FACTS, our tuition management firm, to process applications and determine qualifying need. Processing is completed online, with FACTS making financial recommendations to the SCS Variable Tuition Committee.

    Before you begin your Variable Tuition application on the FACTS website, you'll want to have the following documents ready. They will need to be uploaded or faxed to FACTS Grant and Aid to supplement your application.
    1. Complete 2016 Federal Tax Return including all supporting tax schedules
    2. 2016 W-2 forms for all individuals on the tax return
    3. Documentation for Social Security income and Child Support
    4. A letter written to the Variable Tuition Review Committee about your financial circumstances, including the amount that you feel that you can pay monthly.
    FACTS Grant & Aid Fax | 1-866-315-9264
    FACTS Grant & Aid Phone | 1-866-412-4637

    Important Dates

    Stillwater Christian School cannot make a Variable Tuition decision until a Stillwater Christian School application is on file. Notification of tuition decisions will be made according to the following schedule. All financial information provided by families will be held in strict confidence and will not be shared with anyone outside the Variable Tuition Committee.


    Application Submission Date


    Award Notification Letter Mailed

    On or before March 15, 2017


    By April 28, 2017

    On or before April 14, 2017


    By May 31, 2017

    On or before May 15, 2017


    By June 30, 2017

    On or before June 15, 2017


    By July 31, 2017

    After June 15, 2017 - Contact the school office

    If you have questions, please contact Lori Vander Ark, at 406.752.4400 or lvanderark@scscougars.org