• David Hembroff

    Our school teaches Christ-likeness not just in its academics but also on the field of competition. This probably makes our students’ faith more real and applicable.

    My story extends from this. In our athletics our coaches emulate Christ and expect the students to do so as well. This isn’t always easy. Believe it or not, our students’ faith gets challenged on the field. Not just dealing emotionally with a loss of a tough game, but a direct attack on their faith.

    Last year several of the boys came off the soccer field nearly in tears. During the game, out of earshot of the coaches and the referees, the opposing players made comments that directly attacked our boys’ faith. Not the cursing that is sometimes heard, but direct attacks, with comments like, “I just scored, where’s your Jesus now?” and “Not even your God could stop me.”

    Dealing with such an attack without losing faith and not stooping to the taunting they were receiving would be a pretty good story by itself. But later in the season when one of the same teams had an injury on the field (two of their players collided) our boys gathered around and prayed for their fallen “enemy.” Wow! That speaks more to the integrity and the Christ-likeness taught and displayed in our school than any academic paper or speech.

    I readily admit I am not a soccer or basketball fan (played football and wrestled in school), but I am a huge fan of our athletic program because of what the coaches demonstrate and teach our students daily.

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