• Conservatory of Music Curriculum

    Required Courses (All Consevatory Students must take the following courses.)

    Music Theory, History, & Literature
    May be taken on campus at SCS or online from SCS. Must be taken during a student's first year in the Conservatory.  If taken on campus, this course also results in 3 college credits for the concurrent course: MUSI 105F - Music Theory I at Flathead Valley Community College.

    EnsembleChoirs or Bands at SCS, Choir through Heritage Learning Cooperative, or Orchestra at Flathead Valley Community College.  Ensemble must be taken during each year of Conservatory enrollment.

    Private LessonsTaken from an approved private teacher on your instrument.  Mr. Hunter, Mr. Phillips, and Dr. Railey at SCS are available for Conservatory students.  Teachers from the community may be acceptable if approved by the Conservatory faculty.  Private lessons must be taken during each year of Conservatory enrollment.

    Music Projects (Students in year 2 of a 3-year program, or years 2 and 3 of a 4-year program must complete a major project during the year.)
    Suggested Projects include, but are not limited to:

    • Analysis of a major work
    • Biographical work on a living composer
    • Original composition or arrangement
    • Forming an independently run music ensemble 
    • Making a music recording
    • A piece of original research submitted for publication
    • Restoration of a musical instrument
    • Apprenticeship with someone in the music industry
    • Library/Literature catalog project

    Student project suggestions are welcome!

    Independent Study Courses (Students in the final year of 2-, 3-, or 4-year programs must choose one full year's worth from this list.)
    Introduction to Conducting (1) - with Mr. Hunter at SCS
    Introduction to Composition (1) - with Mr. Hunter at SCS (OR MUSI 180 Composition I at FVCC)
    Music and Worship (1) - with Mr. Hunter at SCS
    History of Musical Instruments (.5) - with Mr. Hunter at SCS

    *Coming Soon* 
    History of Jazz (.5)
    History of the American Musical (.5)
    Introduction to Instrument Repair (1)
    Introduction to Music Recording (1)

    Comprehensive Exams 
    Students receiving a Conservatory diploma must pass these exams at the end of their final year of enrollment unless electing to use the Thesis Defense Option.

    Thesis Defense Option 
    SCS graduating Seniors who have completed 2 or more years of Conservatory study may elect to forego the Comprehensive Exams in favor of defending their Senior Thesis on a music topic approved by the Conservatory faculty.  SCS graduating Seniors who are completing a 1-year Conservatory diploma during their Senior year must do both the exams and the thesis defense. 

    Click here for a succinct, year-by-year map of the CoM curriculum.