• During this time of remote learning, we are so thankful for the partnership we have with our parent community. Each week, we have surveyed our families to gather timely and helpful feedback. A sincere thank you to parents who have taken time to complete these surveys, and a thank you to all parents for cooperating with our teachers, who are creatively and enthusiastically working to keep students engaged in learning. Our leadership team meets daily to identify and implement ways to improve remote learning at SCS. 


    Dear SCS,

    I hope this finds you well - I'm sure it's been a long week that has contained joys and frustrations, but I wanted to quickly send this off to you, to give our deep thanks and invite you into our favorite moment of the week. Since Max first started at Stillwater several years ago, we've been impressed by the quality of education, the individual care, and the deep love for Christ that comes through in all our experiences with school.

    But today, as I uploaded this video to Class Dojo for Mrs. Chase, we were struck again at how thankful we are that our kids can attend Stillwater. Quick background - Mrs. Chase had given an enrichment assignment for her class, where students could write out the Easter Story as a sort of comic, with pictures and captions. Max had reached his breaking point for the day, so we struck a compromise -- he would map out the story, then draw the pictures and narrate the captions to me, and I would write the sentences for him. And what came of that assignment brought both Nathan and me to literal tears. The Easter story through the words and understanding of a 2nd grader. Our heart has always been to send our kids to a school where we would build a strong faith foundation together for our kids. And this reinforces how strong that foundation is. This little book that Max made today, well, it's the best version of the Easter story for us as parents.

    We are humbled by the investment Stillwater has made into our children, and we are profoundly thankful for the shaping of hearts and souls that takes place beyond the walls of Stillwater. Mrs. Chase is pouring into Max (and likewise, Mrs. Hembroff into Jojo) even from a distance, and what I'm incredibly thankful for is that, in this unique season, I get to have a front row seat to all of it. Yes, things about this are hard, but I'm so privileged to be able to see close up how my kids are learning and growing, and how much their teachers are loving them and trying their best to make this workable for everyone. They are always pointing our kids to the Lord.

    We just want to say thank you. Thank you for working hard, for encouraging and motivating teachers, for making hard decisions, and for facilitating an environment where our 2nd grader can tell us the Easter story in clear and simple words. We are humbled and grateful.
         - Betsy and Nathan R.


    • Teachers have been awesome. They have done so much work putting amazing plans and teaching sessions together and keeping in touch with their students and families. Administration has been in touch, making sure we are doing okay.

    • We have felt it to be a fairly smooth transition. We have been extremely grateful for our school and feel immensely blessed to be a part of the SCS community. The teachers and staff are doing a remarkable job!!

    • Chapel on Wednesdays have been great for kids! They love it because they get to learn about Jesus from Mrs. Lindborg rather than mom! :)


    • Great rhythm being established. I feel like kids are able to see clearly what needs to be done.

    • Live streaming has been a major plus in understanding the material. And in the social aspect of feeling more connected.

    • We really appreciate teachers’ daily Google Meets. They help the kids feel more connected to them and to each other. AND the teachers have been quick to respond to questions or concerns. Thank you!

    • They’re great at answering questions, and we love the Zoom meetings. I also appreciate that the lesson plans are streamlined and easy to follow with step by step instructions.


    We will continue to gather parent feedback on a regular basis. Many families have questions regarding the reopening of school, and we recognize that we remain in a period of uncertainty. We are committed to providing remote learning for as long as needed.

    The continuation of remote learning is now in place through Friday, April 24.  Our teachers are working extremely hard to continue serving their students as trusted guides in the learning process. Stillwater Christian School’s leadership team is committed to remaining in full compliance with the guidance provided by our governmental authorities and will not reopen until we are permitted to do so.  Prior to resuming classes on our campuses, we will make a local assessment of the health and safety conditions on our campuses before permitting our students and staff to return.

    We are learning through this and improving by the day.  Thank you for your trust and support. It’s our joy to serve you and your family through this unique season.  I know that many are feeling weary and overwhelmed by these trying circumstances. The thought of two more weeks of this may be hard to bear.  The Bible tells us that God’s grace is sufficient for us and his power made perfect in our weakness. My prayer for all of us through this season is that we will lean heavily on God’s all-sufficient grace and be instruments of that grace to each other.

    Jeremy Marsh

    Head of School