• Choir at Stillwater
    Students at Stillwater Christian School are very much encouraged to take their music education in a choral setting. At the middle school level we offer one mixed choir. At the high school level we offer Concert Choir, Chamber Choir, and Select Women’s Choir. All of these classes are structured with an emphasis towards music literacy, critical thinking, and excellence in performance. Our choral program emphasizes the development of music reading skills, healthy vocal technique, elements of stylistic interpretation, and excellence in preparation and performance. 
    Basic Information 
    Choir Handbook: What you need to know about schedules, expectations, folders, concert attire, trips, etc. 
    High School Choir Standards/Objectives: What you can expect to learn in choir at SCS.  This is what we teach; it's up to you to learn it! 
    SCS Choirs Core Values: This is what we believe about choir and why it is important.
    Diagnostic and Study Aids 
    Music Theory Pretest 1: You will have to take this test early in the year. 
    Music Theory Pretest 2: You will have to take this test early in the year.
    Music Theory Pretest 3: You will have to take this test early in the year.
    Sample Final Exams 
    High School Choir First Year Final 
    High School Choir Second Year Final 
    High School Choir Third Year Final 
    High School Choir Fourth Year Final 
    Middle School Choir Final
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