• Scholarships will be highlighted in the montly Student Success Newsletter, and can also be found in the College and Leadership Resource Room.  Be sure your Infinite Campus contact information is up to date with a valid email (one you check frequently).  There is also a new scholarship board with deadlines in the hallway outside of the math classrooms.  Be sure to check it out!


    Earn micro-scholarships as early as your freshman year!  Here is a link to our school's custom page:

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    Going Merry FREE Scholarship Service

    Going Merry (www.goingmerry.com) is an awesome new scholarship website - it makes scholarship applications as easy as college applications are when you use the Common App! There is a big waiting list but all of you can skip it when you sign up here: www.goingmerry.com/sign-up.

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    Going Merry is completely different from the older scholarship search engines:

    • Matching - Once you fill out your profile, you are automatically matched with scholarships you are most eligible for.
    • Direct Applications - You can apply directly to multiple scholarships, you never need to leave the site.
    • Autofilled Applications - All of the information from your profile is autofilled into each application, saving you time.
    • Estimated Application Times - Every scholarship has estimated application time to help you prioritize them.
    Scholarships Grouped By Essay Topics - Scholarships are grouped by common essay topics so you can minimize the number of essays you have to write.
    Here are some ways to explore scholarships anytime on your own:
    Sign up for Scholly for FREE on the Reach Higher Montana's Website: Scholly For FREE