• Scholarships will be highlighted in the monthly Student Success Newsletter, and deadlines will be posted on the bulletin board outside of Mrs. Fetveit's office. Be sure to keep checking your Cougar email account.  Every December, Seniors need to pick up a local scholarship packet from Mrs. Fetveit's office, or download it from the link here!


    Class of 2021 Mega National Scholarship List:

    Mega List of Scholarships for the Class of 2021


    Class of 2020 Senior Local Scholarship Packet:

    Class of 2020 Senior Scholarship Packet


    Gordon Grapevine Consortium:

    We are now a member of the GGC!  Gordon College, a private Christian college in Massachusetts, and Stilwater Christian School have partnered together to,"...promote Christian education in the lives of the students, parents, staff and faculty of each participating institution." Here are the benefits for students graduating from Stillwater and faculty/staff of Stillwater:

    • Students graduating from a GGC member school will receive a $2,500 (for those living on campus) or $1,000 (for those living off campus) annual GGC scholarship at Gordon.  
    • GGC member shcools will receive priority communication and involvement in Gordon sponsored events and activities that benefit students, parents and the Christian community.
    • GGC member schools will get priority considerationn for Gordon summer programs.
    • Faculty and staff, along with their spouses, at GGC member schools may take courses in the undergraduate, graduate education and graduate financial analysis programs at Gordon with a tuition discount of $50 per credit.
    • GGC member schools will be offered a 10% discount on NEXT, Youth Ministry Symposium and other Gordon College events offered for faculty, staff and adminstrators.
    • GGC member schools will receive priority consideration when requesting student teaching/practicum placements and job posting for Gordon teacher candidates.

    To find our more about Gordon College, visit:   https://www.gordon.edu/


    ACT Scholarship Giveaway

    Enter for your chance to win a $15,000 Scholarship + $5,000 Tech Package in the ACT Scholarship Giveaway! Eligible sophomores, juniors and seniors who register for the ACT® test between 9.3.2019 and 6.26.2020 are automatically entered for a chance to win. It’s that easy!

    No purchase necessary or ACT test registration necessary. Sweepstakes subject in all respects to complete official rules.* See Official Rules for eligibility requirements, entry details, and instructions (including alternate entry instructions).  

    Raise.me Micro-Scholarships

    We are all aware of the types of barriers to college access that students can face. Raise.me seeks to eliminate these barriers by transforming scholarships from an after the fact reward to an ongoing incentive. Raise.me partners with 270+colleges to offer micro-scholarships to students for their achievements starting as early as the 9th grade. Students can earn micro-scholarships for their grades in core classes, their involvement in a club or sport, their volunteer hours, and more! When students are accepted into a partner college, the micro-scholarships they earn will automatically be calculated into their financial aid package for that college.
    This process of earning micro-scholarships has three effects on students:
    • It gives them evidence that they can find an affordable pathway to college.
    • It teaches them about what colleges value in successful applicants and allows them to make more informed decisions about how to spend their time in high school.
    • It creates opportunities for students to engage with potential colleges earlier in high school, making it more likely that they apply to, get accepted to, and enroll in these colleges.
    I believe that Raise.me could have a powerful effect on our students and our overall college culture. This is why I’m taking the time to do a school-wide sign up effort.
    I invite you to earn college scholarships with RaiseMe! Students at Stillwater Christian School can earn no-essay scholarships from 270+ colleges as early as the 9th grade.

    Sign up free at:Raise.me

    College Board Opportunity Scholarships
    The Scholarships
    The more effort you put in, the more chances you get to earn a scholarship ranging from $500 to $2,000. If you complete all six steps, you’re eligible to earn a $40,000 scholarship. Scholarships are awarded—through monthly drawings—to students who complete each step.

    1. Build Your College List: $500
    Get started by exploring colleges you’re interested in on BigFuture.

    2. Practice for the SAT: $1,000
    Use Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy® to get ready for test day.

    3. Improve Your Score: $2,000
    Show how practice pays off by improving your SAT score.

    4. Strengthen Your College List: $500
    Make sure your college list has a mix of academic safety, fit, and reach schools.

    5. Complete the FAFSA: $1,000
    Fill out the free government form to apply for financial aid.

    6. Apply to Colleges: $1,000
    Apply to the schools you want to attend.

    Complete Your Journey: $40,000
    Complete all six scholarship steps to be eligible for a $40,000 scholarship.
    Visit: https://opportunity.collegeboard.org/
    Scholarship Search Engines
    Reach Higher Montana offers Scholly for free to all Montana residents! When it comes to searching for scholarships, Montanans start with Scholly. In fact, they like Scholly so much that users can access it for free from their website:
    There are several scholarship search engines out there, but Scholly stands out for several reasons. First and foremost, it’s very comprehensive and includes hard-to-find statewide scholarships as well as national scholarships. Next, you can narrow your search to fields of study and interest to match you with the scholarships with the most potential. Finally, it has a scholarship essay editor. Upload your essay and it will critique it for you - how cool is that!

    Going Merry Scholarship Service
    Going Merry (www.goingmerry.com) is an awesome new FREE scholarship website - it makes scholarship applications as easy as college applications are when you use the Common App! There is a big waiting list but all of you can skip it when you sign up here: www.goingmerry.com/sign-up.
    More Info
    Going Merry is completely different from the older scholarship search engines:
    Matching - Once you fill out your profile, you are automatically matched with scholarships you are most eligible for.
    Direct Applications - You can apply directly to multiple scholarships, you never need to leave the site.
    Autofilled Applications - All of the information from your profile is autofilled into each application, saving you time.
    Estimated Application Times - Every scholarship has estimated application time to help you prioritize them.
    Scholarships Grouped By Essay Topics - Scholarships are grouped by common essay topics so you can minimize the number of essays you have to write.

    Scholar Snapp

    Speed up the scholarship process with a trusted partner
    Supported by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, a leader in college completion and home to the Dell Scholars Program, Scholar Snapp is FREE and makes the college scholarship application faster process and more efficient.
    De-stress application season
    Being prepared helps to relieve anxiety.  Scholar Snapp’s practice application and explanatory notes help to clarify this complex process.  Your students can start early and practice often, relieving their stress as college application deadlines begin to mount.
    Get a jump on the scholarship application season
    Scholar Snapp makes it easy for students to gather their scholarship information early. Getting the basics in place as a sophomore or junior makes it easier for students to focus on more complex and time-sensitive information later, much of which they have to request from others.
    Go to: https://www.scholarsnapp.org/

    Join and match instantly. It's just that easy. Once you complete your profile you'll have access to Fastweb's database of more than 1.5 million scholarships. That’s $3.4 billion dollars in funding - all available to students like you!