Athletics at SCS – Winter 2021

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As many of you know, a large part of the community at Stillwater revolves around athletics. Seventy-five percent of the high school student body participates in our athletic program. Athletics are often taken for granted, but during the challenges of Covid-19, Stillwater athletes have come to realize just how fortunate they are to have any sports at all this year. … Read More

2020 Fall Sports and New Facilities!

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In light of everything going on, it is clear we serve such a wonderful and gracious God! Despite unpredictability, cancellations, rescheduling, and questions about whether a 2020 fall sports season would even be possible, we have successfully completed an entire season of soccer and volleyball at Stillwater.  It has not been a normal season by any means, but I am … Read More

Volleyball State Champs

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As we look back on this volleyball season, so many special and memorable moments come to mind.  Our team bond this year was like no other.  Our teammates truly became our sisters. We won together, we lost together, we conditioned together, we laughed together, and we even cried together on multiple occasions. Yet through it all, we worked hard and … Read More

Soccer State Champs – 2019

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Failure is simply an opportunity to begin again,this time more intelligently.  –Henry Ford Failures marked the beginning of the men’s 2019 soccer season.  We failed to play consistently.  We failed to win winnable games.  We failed to compete the way that Stillwater teams normally compete.  By mid-season, coaches and players were discouraged.  A dramatic turn-around began on our annual trip … Read More

Dominic’s Shot

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The Men’s Varsity Basketball team had been preparing for this game all season long. Entering the Semi-final matchup on Friday night at the State Tournament, Billings Christian was undefeated the entire regular season. Most viewers thought Billings Christian was going to run away with the victory; however, the Cougars held their own the entire game. Billings Christian jumped out to … Read More