Harkness Discussions at Stillwater

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HARKNESS DISCUSSIONS AT STILLWATERby Mr. Micah Tinkham, HS Bible & Rhetoric Teacher WHAT IS HARKNESS? Perhaps you’ve been down the high school hallway for a tour and have seen students seated around a table in discussion, with the teacher looking on from desk or chair, or been seated at your own dinner table, where your child tells you he or … Read More

2023/24 Theme: One Another

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2023/24 Theme: One Anotherby Mr. Mike Annis, Head of School Each year, the SCS leadership team discusses and prays about a theme that will be pursued throughout the year – something we can rally around as a community. For the past two years, we have camped on “Building a Stronger Community”. While that theme presents a fantastic goal, evidence suggests … Read More

Transformation: The Foundation

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Transformation: The Foundationby Mrs. Barbarba Beckwith, High School Art Teacher Those who are ambitious can go beyond beginner status to seek out higher levels in art. It would be foolish, however, to believe that ambition alone leads to true artistic status. What is eye-opening is that many of the great artists were not always great; each artist had a moment … Read More

An Evening with Allen Vizzutti

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An Evening with Allen Vizzuttiby Brian Phillips, Band Director “Breathe deeply and make a beautiful sound.” This is the mantra of trumpet virtuoso and Yamaha recording artist Allen Vizzutti, as well as the main takeaway from our 160+ band students during Allen’s visit to our school in November. The Stillwater Music Department has committed to the mission of bringing world-class … Read More

Celebrating 40 Years: THE STORY OF A MIRACLE

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(Story excerpted and reprinted from the 1992/93 Yearbook) In the Spring of 1992, Flathead Christian School was housed in three separate buildings. The search for a facility to house FCS was a top priority because continued use of the present facilities was very uncertain. During that school year, the facility committee continued to look at all facility options in the … Read More

Building a Stronger Community

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All human beings are created in the image of God which means that we are a reflection of our Creator. As a relational God, He designed us to be connected to others through meaningful relationships. The events of the past two years have strained that with quarantines, isolation, social distancing, and societal strife. Through the spring of 2021 and the … Read More

Intermediate School

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In Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language, Webster defines Intermediate as “Lying or being in the middle between two extremes.” While elementary and high school may not be considered “extremes”, they are the bookends of a traditional school. Right in the middle are unique years of growth and development for students. Recognizing an opportunity to create a program … Read More