Stillwater Christian School

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PTO Mission
The SCS Parent Teacher Organization, guided by the Executive Board of the school, exists to enrich the learning environment for the entire student body of Stillwater Christian School. The PTO plans and executes one fund-raising event during each school year. The monies raised through this event are used for PTO projects that directly benefit the students.
PTO Executive Board
•  Melissa Linrude, President, Email:
•  Jamie Schaefer, Vice-President
What is PTO?
All parents of SCS students are members of the PTO. The PTO holds meetings once a month on regularly scheduled dates. Anyone who desires to be part of the PTO decision making board is asked to attend these meetings on a regular basis.
When you choose to be part of the PTO board, you have an active voice in the projects that PTO plans and carries out. It is also a way to get to know many of the other parents at SCS.

Some of the past and present projects are:
Phone System
Smart Boards & Projectors
Portable Speakers
Portable Computer “Lab”
Original Soccer Field
Art Room, Library & Computer Lab
Upkeep & Renovations
School & Travel Buses
School Name Sign
Library Books
Band Instruments
Classroom Enhancements
Choir Platforms
Acoustic Shells
Student Desks
Faculty & Staff Appreciation Gifts
 Elementary Playground Renovation
Help with New Soccer Field Addition
As far as future projects go, we continue to evaluate projects that are presented to us by administration, teachers and parents carefully choosing those that fit our budget and project criteria.