• To log in to the Stillwater Christian School library follow these instructions:
    Click on this link and login with the username and password given to you by our librarian and then follow these instructions:
    1. Sign into http://stillwaterchristianschool.org
    2. Go to "My PassKeys"
    3. Click "Add New PassKey"
    4. Choose "Follett" and click "Add PassKey"
    5. Go back to "My PassKeys"
    6. Click on "Follett"
    7. Enter your login ID & Password and login
    8. Go back to "My Passkeys"
    9. Click on "Follett" and this should bring you to the Library website already logged in.
    From now on....every time that you log into www.stillwaterchristianschool.org you will also be logged into Follet and any other PassKeys you have signed up for.
    If you have any questions, please contact Lori Vander Ark at lvanderark@scscougars.org