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High School Activities List
The High School Activities List can be viewed below.  You can download the list here.
     Sports Teams & Travel $
     Before School Starts - Open House
     Fall Overnight Retreat on Flathead Lake $
     Back to School Night (possible)
     Choir and Band Tux & Dress Rentals $
     Student Individual Pictures $ (optional)
     Seniors Order Cap & Gown; Announcements (optional) $
     Sophomores & Juniors Order Class Ring (optional) $
     Junior PSAT test $
     Soccer and Volleyball State Tournaments $
     National Honor Society Induction
     Music Concert
     Harvest Party for Juniors as a Fund Raiser and Community
          Service $
     Parent or School-Requested Parent/Teacher Conferences
     Christmas Band & Choir Concerts
     Christmas Banquet Including Fancy Dinner, Dancing
          and Bowling $
     Seminars Lasting About Two Weeks Upon Return After
          Christmas Break
     "We the People" in Helena for Sophomores
     2nd Quarter Report Cards Available Online
     Men's Choir Festival at MSU $
     Math Contest in Missoula $
     Basketball State Tournaments $
     Re-Registration Meetings
     PSAT 9/10 $
     Senior's Valentine Sales to Students as a Fund Raiser
          and School Service
     "For Such a Time as This" Community Speaker Outreach
          (i.e. Tebow, Dr. Carson, etc.)
     PLAN Test for Sophomores $
     Senior Parent Meeting to Plan for Graduation and Party
     Spring Break Trip - 2016 DC and Japan
     Evening of the Arts
     3rd Quarter Report Cards Available Online
     Parent or School-Requested Parent/Teacher Conferences
     Stillwater Music Festival
     Band or Choir Trip (possible) $
     Two or Three Day Seminars - Usually Corresponds with
          Music Trip
     Drama Performance
     Academic Honors Dessert and Awards Ceremony by
     Senior AP Exams $
     Junior AP Exams $
     Music Concerts
     Senior Trip $
     Three Days of Class Review for Three Days of Finals
     Final Report Cards Available Online