• Music is one of God’s greatest gifts as it enriches all of our lives. In the creation of beautiful art, we have a grand opportunity to imitate and glorify the God who created us, for He is a creative God! We therefore make music instruction at Stillwater Christian School a high priority by offering general music instruction in kindergarten through third grade, band instruction in fourth grade through high school, vocal performance in middle and high school, and other music elective coursework and performance opportunities at the high school level. These classes provide students with a variety of musical experiences while building a foundation of musical grammar to apply in all musical situations. This will enable each student to obtain a comprehensive music education, equipping them with the tools they will need to be informed listeners, performers, and thinkers throughout their lives.  For those highly motivated music students both at SCS and in our local homeschool community, we also offer the SCS Conservatory of Music.

    In addition to these course offerings, all students are encouraged to seek private instruction in their instrument or voice. Our music faculty provides these services to middle and high school students during school hours at no charge.


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