Stillwater Christian's Musical Artist Diploma has now grown into the new SCS Conservatory of Music   

    Stillwater graduate Jiayun Hao fulfilled the musical artist requirements in 2015. She openly and honestly shares how special this experience was to her, as well as all of her musical instruction while at Stillwater. Thankfully Jiayun was able to continue her love for the piano through a year of independent study under the direction of accomplished pianist Ladiene Thompson, and her love of vocal performance was inspired by SCS choral director Micah Hunter. Mr. Hunter speaks highly of the diploma program and the time that is devoted to these musically-minded students. All students following a diploma track take the academic core course, Music Theory, History, & Literature in their first year.  Students also participate in ensembles, study privately, and have the opportunity to pursue independent studies of their own interest in areas such as conducting, composition, performance, advanced music theory, music and worship, the history of musical instruments, and (soon to be added!): jazz history and instrument repair.

    The music diploma programs at the SCS Conservatory of Music represent unique opportunities for high school students to pursue their music education through a challenging academic core, ensemble, and solo performance experience, and focused study in an area of their choice. Each program is designed to serve as both college preparation and as the basis for a high level of musical achievement and enjoyment throughout students' lives.
         – Micah Hunter, Stillwater Christian School choral director