• High School

    Stillwater Christian offers a comprehensive high school program with all of the course offerings, electives and extra-curricular opportunities to prepare students to make any post-secondary choice available to them. Through core requirements graduates build a transcript that will stand up to the rigors of any college admissions process.

    The tool given to high school students is the tool of communication or rhetoric. Young people in high school tend to thrive on self-expression. The goal in these years is to teach them to express their thoughts and ideas in ways that are both winsome and persuasive. This is accomplished through formal rhetoric courses as well as giving attention to the expression of ideas in the core subjects. The rhetoric emphasis culminates in the defense of a senior thesis prior to graduation. In addition to regular coursework, students participate in a ten day winter seminar. During the seminar classes are suspended while students study one or two subjects in depth. Seminar study has focused on Milton’s Paradise Lost, Homer’s Odyssey, Creation/Evolution, Mock Trial competition, World War II in the Pacific Theater, and others. Students enjoy this break from the typical schedule to deal with a topic in a way not possible during a regular class period.

  • Curriculum
    Required and Elective Courses
      Bible 9,10,11
       Apologetics 12
      • Ancient Literature 9
       Ancient History 9
      Medieval Literature 10
       Medieval History 10
      • Early Modern Literature 11
       Early Modern History 11
      • Late Modern Literature 12
      Late Modern History 12
      AP Literature 11,12
      Speech/Logic Applications 9
      • Rhetoric 10,11
      • Senior Thesis 12
      Algebra I 9
      Honors Algebra
      Geometry 9,10
      Honors Geometry
      Algebra II 10,11
      Honors Algebra II
       Advanced Math 11,12
       AP Calculus 12
      Conceptual Physics
      Conceptual Chemistry
      Concurrent Credit Human Biology
      Concurrent Credit Physics
      Concurrent Credit Chemistry
    Foreign Language
      • Spanish I, II, III, IV
    Fine Arts
      Arts 1, II, III
      Chamber Choir
      Women's Choir
      Music Theory, History & Literature
      Music & Worship
      • Introduction to Conducting
      • Wind Ensemble
      • Jazz Band
  • Stillwater Christian School

    We are pushed to a higher standard at Stillwater. When we are pushed, we develop a stronger work ethic, which prepares us for life after high school.
              -Holly, SCS Student