• Dear High School Students and Parents,

    Christmas is just around the corner!  The Student Council cordially invites Stillwater high school students to Stillwater’s annual Christmas Banquet.  Attending Banquet is a great way to get to know everyone in the high school a little better!  This event will be hosted at the Best Western Plus Hotel, also known as the White Oak, in the Grand Ball Room on the night of December 21st.  This will be a night full of delicious food from Vista Linda and swing dancing to live music.  Dinner and dancing will last from 6:00-8:30.  A Bus will be provided for freshman and sophomores (or anyone else who needs it) from the school to the venue.  It will be leaving the Stillwater parking lot at 5:30.  You are welcome to drive yourself to the venue.  After dinner and dancing, we will break tradition again for a second time to go ice skating at Woodland Ice Center (from 9-10:30).  It is required that you change out of your fancy attire to skate (you wouldn’t want to ruin your fancy clothes, would you)?  The bus will return to the school around 11:00.  For many, Banquet is the highlight of the year. Don’t miss out on the fun. Come and enjoy a smashing night of good food, live music, swing dancing, and classic winter skating. You won’t regret it!

    Important Facts:

    • Who: Students of Stillwater Christian High School (students from other schools are not permitted to attend)
    • What: Banquet—a night of food, fun, and fanciness
    • Where: White Oak (Best Western Plus Hotel) and Woodland Ice Center
    • When: December 21st, 2016 from 5:30-11:00
    • Why: Because it will be even more fun if you are there!
    • Cost: $40 per student

    What to Bring:

    • Change of clothes: winter boots (in addition to dress shoes),  pants for girls, a coat, gloves, hat, and long socks for skating
    • Your own skates if you’d like

    Important Miscellaneous Facts:

    • Let Mr. O’Rourke, Darren Kauffman, or Jacina DeZell know if you have a food allergy (so you can eat or possibly be eligible for a discount) 
    • Student Council will be collecting money soon, so watch for that!
    • Addresses:
      - The White Oak is located on 4824 U.S. Hwy 93 South in between Lakeside and Kalispell
      - The Woodland Ice Center is located on 705 2nd Street East in Kalispell


    Your friends, The 2016-2017 Student Council