Stillwater 2nd and 3rd Grade boys Saturday only basketball.
    April 8, 2017
    Cost: $125 Mail check and form to: 255 FFA Drive, Kalispell MT 59901
    Contact: Mark Pond: mpond@scscougars.org or Andy Harrel aharrel@scscougars.org 
    *All teams will play at least 3 games on Saturday
    *We will use women's ball,
    *No press or zone defense—no exceptions
    *No full court press 
    *15 minute running halves—clock stops inside 2 minutes
    *FREE THROWS –when a player is awarded a free throw,  the free throw line will not be enforced.  The shooter can move up to a comfortable spot, and the remaining players will line up on the lane for rebounding.
    *Round Robin games will not have overtime—games will end in a tie
    *3 timeouts per game
    *No PARENTS or FANS at the scorers table during the game. These timers and scorers have a very difficult job, they do it well, and          they do not need any unnecessary distractions. No exceptions-- technicals will be given to coaches and players----fans and parents will     be removed from gym.
    *And finally—remember “the officials are in control—” -- and without their help and time-these tourney's would not happen
    *There will be 4 roles in the facility today
            PLAYER - COACH - OFFICIAL -  FAN  
    Please pick one, and only one, and stick to it !!!