• Learning Services

    At Stillwater Christian School, we recognize that students have different giftings and learning styles, and some struggle with learning differences or disabilities. These students may benefit from additional support beyond accommodations or initial interventions in the classroom.

    Participation in the Learning Services Program at SCS includes a variety of services specifically designed to meet the unique needs of each student. Educational therapy is offered by an NILD educational therapist in a one-on-one or small group setting, and may also include coaching in skill development in the following areas: academic, social, executive functioning, and/or organizational. All interventions strive to encourage the student to fulfill his or her God-given potential and develop a deeper understanding of personal identity in Christ.

    Services and therapy are integrated into each student's daily or weekly educational schedule with customized plans for accessing curriculum, utilizing a strong teacher/therapist relationship, and implementing a unified approach to helping students succeed in school and in life. 

    The Learning Services department partners with parents by involving them throughout the process, from setting up the service plan to providing bi-weekly updates on the student’s progress.

  • List of Services

    • Individual Educational Therapy—remediation of cognitive processing and academic achievement to build critical thinking skills, improve academic skills, and address the underlying cause of learning difficulties in a mediated learning environment
    • Organizational Coaching—focuses on the process of learning and studying, including time management, note-taking, prioritizing tasks, and organizing materials
    • Social Skills training—recognition and practice of the skills related to positive social interactions and relationships, as well as learning to adapt and cope with a variety of social environments
    • Executive Functioning—strengthen the ability to self-regulate and build skills to help students create and follow through with plans, focus his/her attention, recall information, and juggle multiple tasks
    • Academic Coaching—focuses on the process of completing academic tasks & homework, including examining learning styles, study habits, and identifying difficulties or barriers to academic success
    • Group Educational Therapy (GET)—remediation of cognitive processing and academic achievement in group setting with 2-3 students in a single therapy session, preferably grouped with like abilities/struggles
  • For more information, contact:

    Summer Van Oort, Director of Learning Services
    Telephone: 406.752.4400 x204
    Office: Elementary Building - room 204
    Van Oort