• Conservatory of Music

    Who are we?
    The Conservatory is a new initiative of the Stillwater Christian School Department of Music.  It exists to provide solid foundational music education, meaningful recognition, and excellent opportunities in performance and musical study for serious high school musicians in the Flathead valley.

    What we offer:
    Four different programs for 1, 2, 3, or 4 years of study

    • CoM Diploma (for 1 year of study)
    • CoM Music Diploma (for 2 years of study)
    • CoM Artist Diploma (for 3 years of study)
    • CoM Distinguished Artist Diploma (for 4 years of study)
    • Students in any diploma program may also earn up to 3 college credits from FVCC if certain requirements are met. Contact Micah Hunter at mhunter@scscougars.org for details.

    Who can do it?
    Any high school music student at Stillwater or in the homeschool community may apply for a CoM program.  Homeschool students who enter the Conservatory will need to take some coursework at Stillwater Christian School as part time students of SCS. 

    How much does it cost?
    Full time SCS students may enroll in a Conservatory program at no additional charge – this initiative is part of your school, and your tuition covers your participation.  Homeschool students who wish to enroll in the Conservatory must pay part-time tuition based on the number of credits taken at SCS.  Please contact our Director of Admissions, Renee Wynne at rwynne@scscougars.org for more information about part-time tuition.

    What is required?
    Each diploma program has unique requirements, however, every student must complete the following in order to earn a CoM diploma:

    • Application
    • Diagnostic Exam
    • Music Theory, History, & Literature
    • Ensemble (choir, band, or orchestra)
    • Private lessons
    • Solo performance
    • Comprehensive Exams OR Thesis Defense (Thesis Defense available only to SCS graduating Seniors)
    • In addition to these requirements, students enrolled in programs of 2, 3, and 4 years will also have the opportunity to pursue projects and independent studies of their choice.

    Specific program requirements are available for your review. 

    How can I get started?
    Students wishing to enroll in a program must fill out an application and schedule a time to take the Diagnostic Exam for their grade level.  The Diagnostic Exam is not an “entrance exam” – your score will be used only for us to help you; it will not, on its own, determine acceptance into a program. 

    How can I learn more?
    If you have questions, or would like to visit more about opportunities at the CoM, please contact:

    Micah Hunter
    Stillwater Christian School
    255 FFA Dr.
    Kalispell, MT 59901
    406-752-4400 x 172