• Drama at Stillwater Christian School
    Drama provides students with the opportunity to integrate many creative elements into a fun-filled and rewarding experience. Effective communication, music performance and visual art presentation are all elements of most productions.
    Stillwater Christian School is pleased to partner with The Missoula Children’s Theater to bring quality drama productions to our students. Efforts are made to schedule one production each semester. In addition, the high school typically does one in-house production each year. 
  • High School Spring Production 

    Robin Hood  

    “Theater is often the safest place some students have. It is a space that encourages them to be different, creative and to unite with each other no matter the obstacle.”
         – Jen Stebbins-Han, Director


    Stillwater Christian high school students have the opportunity every spring to explore their thespian talents! SCS drama instructor Jennifer Stebbins-Han begins meeting with students during after-school hours each winter, working towards the stellar spring performance. 2015’s production of The Wizard of Oz was the most recent play that was celebrated and enjoyed by SCS families and the surrounding Flathead Valley community.

    "Theatre fosters confidence and teamwork through the creative process. It is, of course, about the production, but it is so much more about growing as human beings: challenging ourselves, learning to encourage others, and moving through problems to seek solutions.”
         – Jen Stebbins-Han, Director

    Director’s Note: 
    When not only the result but the process is full of joy, it is high time to acknowledge those responsible. Our version of The Wizard of Oz began its life last fall, and immediately I had families at Stillwater making props, the set, costumes…anything I asked for! This was such a wonderful gift for me and for our cast! Thank you, every single person who helped in some way - you are responsible for the joyful process. 

    This is my fourth year directing a play at Stillwater. Each year has been such an incredible learning and growing process, not only for the students, but for me! Ultimately, however, I have learned that high school theater students are full of possibilities, ideas, and a deep desire to create! Working with your students and children is a highlight in my year. I love watching them grow in their characters. The first day of rehearsal most students feel out their role cautiously and self consciously, and by the time we hit dress rehearsal, these kids have found a confidence to fully perform as someone else. It takes courage and humility to present oneself so openly, and I am so proud of every single student who is a part of this production. I wonder sometimes how I am so lucky to be able to create worlds with them. What a privilege to be a part of their lives and the community at Stillwater. Thank you for supporting theater and believing in its ability to shape and benefit students lives for the better.

  • Missoula Children's Theatre

    Even young students at Stillwater are given an introduction to theatre. Fieldtrips to area theatrical productions are enjoyed by elementary classes throughout the school year, plus students are treated to a first-hand drama experience. The arrival of the Missoula Children’s Theatre is a reason for students and families to celebrate. This nationally acclaimed company brings its little red truck to our campus each spring, and two professional actors/directors work with students in grades K-8 to deliver an incredible performance to the SCS community. The week is an exciting whirlwind of focused rehearsals filled with song, dance, costume fittings, and hours of team building. It’s an incredibly fun event for both children and families.
  • MCT
    MCT 3