• The latest hot lunch menu can be viewed below. You can download a hot lunch menu here

    Monday, January 13
    Chicken Alfredo, salad, breadstick

    Tuesday, January 14
    Pizza, Salad Bar

    Wednesday, January 15

    Thursday, January 16
    Chicken Strips, mashed potatoes and gravy

    Friday, January 17
    Stew and biscuit

    Monday, January 20
    Chicken Tacos and Rice
    MS, HS - Chicken Fajitas

    Tuesday, January 21
    Pizza, Salad Bar

    Wednesday, January 22
    Tater Tot Casserole

    Thursday, January 23
    Chicken & Veggie Stir Fry

    Friday, January 24

    Monday, January 27
    Chicken & Noodles

    Tuesday, January 28
    Pizza, Salar Bar

    Wednesday, January 29
    Chili & Fritos

    Thursday, January 30
    Cheese Raviolis

    Friday, January 31
    Chicken Sandwich & Chips

  • Lunch Prices:
    Milk  $0.50
    Preschool lunch (incl drink)  $2.25
    Elementary lunch (incl drink)  $3.25
    MS & HS lunch (incl drink)  $4.00
    MS & HS salad (incl drink) $4.00
    Extra entree  $2.00
    Grades 6 - 12 can order a veggie salad or a chef salad with chicken any day except Tuesday (Pizza Day) in lieu of regular lunch.