Stillwater Christian School's Class of 2016

Posted by Anya Loomis, Kate Martin, Tessa Truzzolino, and Serena Koch, SCS Seniors at 6/2/2016

Graduation Ceremony
Friday, June 3, 2016
6:30 p.m.
in the Stillwater Gymnasium


Good days and bad days, smiles and tears, Stillwater’s Class of 2016 has been together through it all.Over the years, the class has developed a sibling-like bond that has carried them through their time at Stillwater.

The class shares an endless amount of memories, which serve as powerful tools, connecting the students to one another in unforgettable ways. As the 2016 seniors prepare to leave and move on to the next chapter of their lives, they took a treasured moment to reflect on their favorite experiences at Stillwater.

In 4th or 5th grade, we had a Phantom of the Tollbooth day,” Anya Loomis said. “We dressed as characters and made food. I remember Clayton and BJ dressed up as the princesses.”

Kelsey Hughes remembers playing soccer with Ms. Lowney freshman year. “It was just us girls and we were messing around. It was a big bonding experience, and it was so fun because everyone cheered when someone made a goal or kicked the ball in a funny way.”

Jesse Willis said, “The men’s choir trip sophomore year to Bozeman is one of my favorite memo- ries at Stillwater.”

“One of my favorite memories is when Mr. Tinkham put an entire tennis ball in his mouth. The entire time, all I could think of was how he figured out he could do that,” said Dane La Vigne.

The senior class as a whole suffered a tremendous loss during junior year when their beloved classmate, Tabitha Migwi, passed away. A dedicated student with a passion for her friends, family and for life in general, Tabitha left a tremendous impact on her class- mates that has not and will not ever cease.

Senior Elsa Baltz recalled one of her favorite moments with Tabitha during the school’s production of Cinderella sophomore year. “The time when I was backstage helping Tabitha change into her Cinderella dress was awesome,” said Baltz. “We got her into the dress in half a minute for her transition from a maid outfit to a beautiful dress. It was fun seeing her backstage excited backstage and happy.”

Another memory connected to the drama program came from Chasen Waltman. “Ivy stole my line and yelled ‘Ooze a little charm!’ Her hands looked like they exploded from her body, and it was hilarious.”

Traveling together also created many opportunities for memory-making. Rochelle Fisher said, “On our 8th grade class trip, Mr. Vander Ark told us that if anyone received a noise complaint at any of the hotels, he would send them home immediately. Unbelievably, he received two noise complaints the first night about our room, even though we were the quietest of the entire group! Needless to say, Mr. V didn’t send us home. Instead, we all found the noise complaints humorous because they were so unwarranted. In the 13 years I have been at Stillwater, I have acquired countless memories that I will cherish long after I leave here.”

Ashely Tang remembers the first time she decided to do choir. “I was afraid, but Mr. Hunter’s encouragement helped me improve and become better. The encouragement from friends and other peers also helped me grow in confidence.”

Many students in Stillwater’s Class of 2016 attended SCS only for high school. Henry Wilkey said, “I came to Stillwater for high school mostly because my parents made me; but I’m glad I came here. I like the small, tight-knit classes.” Wilkey said in jest that the biggest difference between his previous school and Stillwater is that “the food at Stillwater is actually good.”

Kelsey Hughes also attended Stillwater for high school. She decided to attend SCS because she agreed with her parents that it was important for her to continue her education in a place that was centered around Christ. “Also, the school colors were the best,” joked Hughes.

Susannah May said she previously attended “The May Academy of Performing Arts, also known as homeschool,” before coming to Stillwater. “The biggest difference between being homeschooled and coming to Stillwater is the different educational requirements, but the greatest blessing of Stillwater has been the best friends that I’ve made.”

The remainder of this article will be available online Monday, June 6 or pick up your copy of the "Stillwater Chronicle" at graduation!