Stillwater Partnering with Parents

Posted by Stillwater Christian School on 5/10/2018

The 21st Century is a challenging time to raise children. Parents who desire to raise their kids with Christian values and principles are under stress today because so many things in the culture are working against them. At Stillwater Christian School we work very hard to counter these cultural forces by teaching the truth of God's word and joining them in the shared goal producing godly character and wisdom in their children. To do this well we need to know our parents and our students and to listen to and love them through the joys and challenges of life and learning. I am so grateful for the strong partnership that exists between parents and the community of Stillwater Christian School.

Every child is unique and the ones who know this best are that child's parents. We know that the most effective way to accomplish our mission is to let parents take the lead, serving them as attentive partners while we love their children and shape them to become the individuals that God created them to be.