Montana Academy

Directions: Take Highway 2 west - About 32 miles from Kalispell, you'll pass the McGregor Lake Lodge. Go another 2 miles. turn right on Lost Prairie Road. Go up and over the pass, and drop down on the valley. The main road goes straight for a while, then makes a 90-degree turn to the left. Stay on that road. Soon after the 90-degree turn, you'll see an archway on the left with a sign for Montana Academy. Turn in there. Go past the first set of buildings. You'll see a big gym with red metal siding.

Photography: Due to the nature of our school and our confidentiality requirements, we would like to ask that your spectators NOT take photographs of our players. Of course, you may take photographs of your players in action. We simply ask that you do your best not to include any of our players’ faces in your photographs. It could be problematic if pictures of our students ended up on publicly accessible websites such as Facebook.

Other considerations: Please ask any spectators not to bring any alcohol or tobacco products on to our campus.