Stillwater Christian School provides a quality education that is founded on God’s Word and uses the classical approach as an educational model.  This program is designed for students in grades K-12 whose parents support the core beliefs and philosophy of SCS.

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Academic Approach

Our academic approach is rooted in our mission to equip students with the tools for learning through a Christ-centered education.  Christian education properly acknowledges that truth is found in God and so true education stresses the need to be united to Christ and then to learn in relation to him. 



Biblical Worldview

SCS seeks to impart to students a Biblical worldview with the hope that they will embrace this view throughout their lives.  A proper worldview begins with a proper relationship to God through Jesus Christ.  Students who love God with all their heart can love him with their entire mind.




Our programs and curriculum are designed to integrate biblical truth
and to help students learn and grow in knowledge, wisdom, and grace.


The preschool program at Stillwater Christian School provides a Christ-centered, individualized experience for our youngest learners. Children ages three-five are given multiple opportunities to grow and learn from caring, competent teachers. The program uses Montessori methods to meet each child where he or she happens to stand academically and developmentally, encouraging all aspects of a child’s growth. Along with Bible stories, music time, and several outdoor playtimes, students work in the classroom, engaging in practical life skills, sensory exercises, academic readiness, and socialization activities.

  • Daily Bible and music time
  • Caring, Christian teachers
  • Well-equipped, bright, clean classrooms
  • Before and After School Care for working families
  • Montessori-based philosophy which provides individualized instruction and assessment
  • Encouragement for children to grow in independence as they learn to work and play with others
  • Nurturing environment with boundaries to ensure safety for all students
  • Options for full and part-time enrollment


Kindergarten at Stillwater Christian School serves families as their children move further into the academic world. Nurturing teachers provide support and instruction while also recognizing the need for play and socialization. Students participate in weekly chapel services with the rest of the elementary students, and teachers incorporate biblical principles into every subject area. Teachers utilize music and movement as well as hands-on materials and exercises to instruct students in a developmentally appropriate manner.

  • Daily Bible lessons
  • Weekly chapel services
  • Enthusiastic, caring, certified teachers who consider the needs of the whole child
  • Developmentally appropriate instruction in Phonics, Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Bible
  • Safe, clean spaces to ensure student well-being
  • Specialty enrichment classes in Music, Physical Education, Art, STEAM
  • Before and After School Care for working families
  • Bright, welcoming classrooms with space for work and play

Grades 1-4

The elementary program at Stillwater Christian School engages students to provide a rich, comprehensive educational experience. Collaboration with Intermediate and Upper School administrators and faculty purposes to create smooth transitions and prepare students for future academic success. Teachers take advantage of the developmental capacity students have to acquire knowledge at this age level by focusing on the skills and tools they will need to be successful students, while also seeking to encourage spiritual growth and create a love for learning. 

  • Daily Bible lessons 
  • Weekly chapel services
  • Specialty enrichment classes in General Music (1-3), Band (4th grade), Physical Education, Art, Latin (3rd and 4th) and STEAM
  • Skilled, caring, certified teachers who emphasize biblical worldview teaching in all subject matter
  • Technology used as a tool to supplement learning, providing devices which include one-to-one Chromebooks in third and fourth grade and Smart Boards in all classrooms
  • Title Services to support students with learning differences
  • Before and After School Care for working families
  • Safe, clean spaces to ensure student well-being
  • Sense of belonging with the PK-12 community

Intermediate School and Junior High School

Together, these two divisions of our school (Junior High - grades seven and eight) and (Intermediate School - grades five and six) serve as the bridge between elementary and high school. The Intermediate School division is designed to be a step up from the self-contained classrooms of elementary and a step down from the demands and rigor of junior high school, providing a smooth transition and setting a strong foundation for students as they prepare for high school. 

  • Daily devotions and weekly chapel/House group meetings and discussions
  • Departmentalized instruction by teachers leading classes in their areas of expertise 
  • Advanced math courses starting in grade 7
  • Extra Instruction program after school to assist students who need individual academic support
  • Outstanding music program offering Band and Choir with multiple performances, as well as the opportunity to participate and compete in the annual spring Music Festival
  • Top-notch Visual arts program that is a core part of the curriculum through grade 6, then offered on an elective basis starting in grade 7
  • Competitive athletic teams in Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, and Track 
  • 8th grade bring-your-own chromebook policy; Class sets available for grades 5, 6, and 7
  • Computer design program that covers essential basic skills through grade 6 then moves into more advanced concepts in robotics, 3-D design, and more during the elective years of grade 7 and 8

High School

Accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), Stillwater Christian School offers a strong college preparatory program. Thoughtful, caring, and well-qualified instructors teach their subjects while encompassing a Christian worldview. In addition to being part of  a challenging and stimulating academic setting, Stillwater high school students are given an abundance of opportunities to engage in the arts and athletic experiences during their four years in our program.

  • Four years of pre-college preparation in Bible, English, History, and Rhetoric
  • Senior year Apologetics Study 
  • Senior Thesis Program
  • Engaging Math opportunities that extend to Advanced Placement Calculus enrollment
  • Physics-first Science approach and honors level opportunities during junior and senior years 
  • Winter and Spring Seminar programs
  • Elective courses in Spanish, Art, Computer & Design
  • Outstanding music programs: Concert Band, Jazz Band, Concert various Honors Choirs
  • SCS Conservatory of Music for serious music students 
  • Student Leadership Opportunities 
  • Extra Instruction Program offered after school for students seeking academic support

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Individualized Learning

At Stillwater Christian, we make every effort to provide students with the tools they need to succeed and become lifelong learners, and we fully understand the unique needs of each student who enrolls at our school. We offer a variety of academic support to those students who need the extra help and attention, and we offer special services to keep our gifted learners challenged and engaged.

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Learning Services

Stillwater Christian is committed to meeting the educational needs of all of our students. For students who have a diagnosed learning disability, we offer an excellent learning services program. Learn more about what this program offers.

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College and Career Counseling

Students at Stillwater Christian begin working with a student success counselor in grade 8, joining a comprehensive five-year college and career counseling program that helps them set goals and develop plans after graduation. Close relationships between students and members of our faculty and administration are also important, encouraging thoughtful, wise, and Christ-centered decision making for the future.

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