Affording a Stillwater Education

Variable Tuition: Let’s make this work!  

Stillwater Christian offers a robust tuition assistance program that generously bridges the gap between the cost of tuition and what families are able to financially manage. If full-tuition payments are difficult, we strongly encourage you to apply online to our variable tuition program. We understand that each family’s tuition “varies” based on its financial situation. Nearly half of the parent community at SCS applies and receives a reduction in tuition, with aid packages ranging anywhere from 10% to 50% of the tuition amount.

Variable tuition assistance is distributed on the basis of verified financial need. The application process is an annual one, and continuing assistance may be anticipated as long as financial need continues to be verified through our online application process.

Assistance decisions are determined based on the application submitted to FACTS Grant and Aid. FACTS will review the financial data submitted and recommend a tuition reduction amount to our school. Stillwater Christian School’s tuition assistance committee will individually review each recommendation, before ultimately making the award decision. Many factors are considered, such as income, assets, debt, family size, and other expenses when determining the tuition reduction for each family. Using an external resource gives families confidentiality while at the same time providing the school with third-party objectivity. There is no cost to submit a FACTS application for variable tuition.  Apply for financial assistance.


 "Initially, we were intimidated by the price, but we completed the online application steps and went through the variable tuition process. We followed God’s leading and He provided in unexpected ways. We have been beyond thankful and blessed by the generosity of this school community!"