Tuition Schedule & Fees

Tuition at Stillwater is not “one-size-fits all.” It’s a range. Our Variable Tuition program adjusts tuition rates to meet your family’s unique financial position. Nearly half of the parent community at SCS applies for and receives a reduction in tuition, with aid packages ranging anywhere from 10% to 50% of the full tuition amount.


We are pleased to offer FACTS Tuition Payment Plans.

Enrolling in a FACTS tuition payment plan allows you to select a payment option that best suits your financial needs. Several payment plans are available.

Follow these simple steps to enroll in a payment plan:
- You will first need to create an online account.
- Then click on the Set Up a Payment Plan.
- Select the school year for which you will be paying.
- Complete the steps as prompted.

Variable Tuition Ranges (K-12)

Half-Day K

Annual Tuition


All-Day K

Annual Tuition


Grades 1-8

Annual Tuition


Grades 9-12

Annual Tuition


Preschool Tuition

5 Full Days

Annual Tuition


5 Half Days

Annual Tuition


4 Full Days

Annual Tuition


4 Half Days

Annual Tuition


3 Full Days

Annual Tuition


3 Half Days

Annual Tuition


Enrollment & Tuition FAQs

Slide We have been beyond thankful and blessed by the generosity of this school community! Initially, we were intimidated by the price, but we completed the online application steps and went through the variable tuition process. We followed God’s direction, and He provided in unexpected ways. We have been beyond thankful and blessed by the generosity of this school community!
- SCS high school parent
Slide We appreciated that the Stillwater staff went above and beyond to make the admissions process easy for us. The head of school and admissions director were great in answering our questions quickly and in detail. Our daughter was able to go on a tour of the school and spend some time on campus. This time allowed her to see the school, meet the teachers, and be introduced to other kids that would be in her class.
- SCS middle school parent
Slide “The environment at Stillwater is open, safe, and welcoming for new students and their parents.” Slide For our family, the process of learning about Stillwater was an exciting time. Our daughter was sure she wanted to switch to Stillwater, but as parents, we wanted to make sure she knew what she was getting into. We asked lots of questions, took a tour of the school, and even attended a breakfast for incoming students. She met some soon-to-be friends and felt right at home. Our daughter was beyond excited to know that she was joining a school where teachers prayed to start the day and students respected their leaders.
- SCS high school parent