We strive to equip students with the tools for learning.

Academic Approach

At the core of education is the imparting of truth from one person to another.  Christian education properly acknowledges that truth is found in God and so true education stresses the need to be united to Christ and then to learn in relation to “Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Col. 2:3).  This view of life and learning provides the only true education.

A Biblical Christian worldview must include God in every aspect of the school.  That Christ is Lord of all should be a prominent and often taught lesson.  A Christian worldview is also based on absolute truth.  While most people today hold to relativism as the guiding principle for their lives, the Bible teaches that there are absolutes that are rooted in God’s character.  Finally, a Christian worldview has a moral dimension.  If there are absolutes, then violating those absolutes has a moral dimension.  Teachers are more than just conveyors of information; they are life influencers.


Our mission of equipping students with tools for learning provides the basis for developing curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and has systemic integrity.  Grammar, critical thinking, and rhetoric are at the core of the Stillwater academic program. The ability to think critically and clearly and to express oneself persuasively will be marks of a student who graduates from Stillwater Christian School.

Beginning with the belief that Truth can only be known if we acknowledge God, we affirm that a Christian education founded on God’s Word provides true learning.  While secular learning may include facts that are true, the real meaning and purpose of any discipline cannot be known apart from God. 

Biblical Worldview

SCS seeks to impart to students a Biblical worldview with the hope that they will embrace this view throughout their lives.  A proper worldview begins with a proper relationship to God through Jesus Christ.  Students who love God with all their heart can love him with their entire mind.