Individualized Learning

At Stillwater Christian, we make every effort to provide students with the tools they need to succeed and become lifelong learners, and we fully understand the unique needs of each student who enrolls at our school. We offer a variety of academic support to those students who need the extra help and attention, and we offer special services to keep our gifted learners challenged and engaged.


Supporting Student Needs

Learning Services

Stillwater Christian is committed to meeting the educational needs of all of our students. For students who have a diagnosed learning disability, we offer an excellent learning services program. Learn more about what this program offers.

Academic Support

We offer a variety of programs that help students succeed in the classroom. Our Extra Instruction (EI) program was implemented several years ago and has been a great success to helping students flourish academically. The SCS school day ends at 3pm each day, but learning continues until 3:45pm through our EI program. All teachers are available during this time for individual or small-group support. Additionally, we offer Title support to students during the school day, after school, and even during the summer for those students who need greater educational assistance.

Co-Curricular, or Extra-Curricular Clubs

It is always exciting to see the club participation on campus! Students at Stillwater are given the opportunity to join a wide variety of clubs that include mock trial, Odyssey of the Mind, geography, science, animal husbandry, math, 3-D printing, robotics, book clubs, and more, depending on the year at hand.

Course Selection and Senior Thesis

Individualized learning takes place in the classroom on a daily basis. Elementary and middle school teachers utilize different teaching methods to keep learners engaged and challenged, including such methods as varying assignments for students of different academic levels and abilities or grouping students for literature and math activities. As students advance into higher grades, an honors track is available which involves higher level instruction and more demanding coursework. In addition to honors and Advanced Placement options in high school, the capstone of our classical curriculum is the senior thesis endeavor. This program is a key example of individualized learning, as students meet one-on-one with a thesis advisor throughout the school year to discuss the thesis work - ideas, research, and the formatting of their research presentation.