Learning Services

Stillwater Christian is committed to meeting the educational needs of all of our students. For students who have a diagnosed learning disability, we offer an excellent learning services program.
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SCS Assessments

Assessment data is key to determining which students would benefit from Learning Services, as well as what those services should include in order to address each student's specific needs. SCS offers a full battery of tests, including cognitive, academic, visual-motor, and informal assessments.

If you have questions about or are interested in having your student tested, please email the Director of Learning Services, Summer Van Oort


Summer Van Oort

Director of Learning Services

Email: svanoort@scscougars.org
Phone: 406.752.4400 x204


“It’s been inspirational to see how Stillwater has embraced both of my girls with their different learning styles and different aptitudes in the classroom - all in a very unique way that’s been so beneficial for each of them to thrive and grow.”

Becky Stillo, SCS Parent