• Kate Fraser

    My story is about generations. Thirty-nine years ago, as a new believer, I started my career as a Christian educator.  One of my biggest blessings now is to see God's work throughout generations.

    This year I teach the last of the seven Fetveit children of David and Jon Feveit.  When I came to the Flathead Valley 39 years ago, I lived with their family and taught each as a first grader!

    Last year I taught the first child of a Stillwater (Flathead Christian) graduate who had been in my class, Andrea Shawback.

    I love running into "grown up" students or their parents and hearing of the mark they are now making in the world.  Several have told me they became teachers because of their experiences in fifth grade.

    My favorite part is about my own youngest daughter.  She started at Stillwater in preschool and graduated as valedictorian in 2007.  All through the years as a "teacher's kid", hanging around after school and helping me, I kept telling her what a wonderful teacher she could be.  She was determined to NOT do so.  After graduating with a business degree from Whitworth and a year working in a marketing firm, she decided she truly wanted a job where she could positively impact lives.  she is now in her third year of teaching in Spokane Valley (and admits that her mother was right!)

    And so the story of God's faithfulness throughout the generations continues.


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